We  had a wonderful year in 2019 at Acton Scott Historic Farm getting some of Shropshire's amazing folklore 'out there' by running
The Folklore Festival, All Hallows Eve Night & the Victorian Yuletide Fair.
A big thank you to all who attended  these events, the stall holders and all the performers.
And a special thanks to the Acton family for preserving this amazing place and initially inviting us to the farm
And a big Thank You to all the staff & animals at 
Acton Scott Historic Farm.
Pash from Off.jpg
Pash from Off
Ledbury Morris.JPG
'The Green Room'
Heavy horse ride.JPG
Jackie Coyle.JPG
Mary Webb & Cath.JPG
A new recruit for the Mary Webb Society
Men from Off_edited.jpg
Whalebone stweards with Head of Stewardi
Whalebone  being escorted off site!
Horse Power!
'Off to work!
Preparing lunch!
Alex Vann forgetting his words
Come to me....
We  even had a Belly Dancer!
Ledbury Morris bashing each other as usual
Horse rides.JPG
More  Horse Power
Terry Tandler; that way to the bar!.jpg
That way to the bar
AML live on Air!.jpg
AML interviewing Andy Broxon
Monrage 5.jpg
Suzanne with Giant.jpg
Montage 4.jpg

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               Festival Review

               My Day at Folk at the Farm-  By Niamh Oliver-Walton (Aged 9)

I felt excited to go to Folk at the Farm, because it was the first time I had gone. When we got there, we were given green wristbands, a map and a booklet to tell us what was going on. My dad was one of the stewards, helping visitors.


I walked around with my family, looking at all the different stalls. I saw baby goats by the pond. Then, when I walked across the bridge, I saw that one of the ponds was all green. Dad said it was algae. Next, I went to the baby chicks and a lady asked if I wanted to hold one. I said: “Yes please,” and she gave me one of the chicks that was born that morning. I was so surprised. It felt so fluffy and looked so cute. It even fell asleep in my hands. I wished I could take it home.


Next, I looked at the booklet and saw that it was time to make headbands and fairy doors. I wanted to go, so we went. It was in the family paddock. A woman showed me and my step-sister how to make a flower headband. I made it for my Nan. It was so nice. After that, we both went to make fairy doors. I learned that you can always make something nice with different coloured papers put together. After, we were allowed to take some decorations home.


Then, me, my friend and my step-sister went to the reception to get a fairy trail map. We found the first fairy door in reception. I enjoyed it because we all had to work together. We didn’t find all of them, but there was only one that we couldn’t find.


The next thing we did was meet our parents by the café tent. We sat down and ate some snacks. I then went with my step-sister to make a picture made out of printed leaves. I learnt that you can make a leaf picture by using leaves and black paint. After a while, all four of us made our own mosaics out of tiny tiles. We all used the same colours, but we didn’t plan this. I enjoyed it because we all made something together. I also went to the Witchy Woo store with my mom and she bought me a key ring that said “I love you to the moon and back.”


After this, I watched my mom and dad’s friend play music in a band. She was playing the guitar, and others were playing different instruments. Another woman was reading poetry at the same time. It was nice to listen to.


I wish Folk at the Farm was on every month with different stalls on, so I could go all the time. I had a great time with my family and friends. I could do things that I couldn’t do at home, and I like being outside in the countryside.